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Stacey Leonard

Stacey Leonard

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Admissions Process

Welcome to Oasis International School of Ankara, Turkey. We want the admissions process for you and your child to move in a smooth and timely fashion. To help make that possible, we are providing you with a general outline of our admissions process. Please keep this checklist to track the progress of your student’s enrollment. (Download a PDF version of this checklist by clicking here.)

  1. Meet with the Admissions Counselor to receive an OIS information packet, hear a description of OIS, and take a campus tour.
  2. Talk with the Admissions Counselor about any special needs your child may have (e.g., limited English, learning disabilities, medical needs).
  3. Submit a completed application (including all family data, residence information, and parents’ signatures) to admissions@oisankara.net.
  4. Submit all supporting documents as indicated on the front page of the application.
  5. Have your child complete any necessary admissions testing.
  6. Receive an official admissions decision informing you of acceptance and grade placement (generally via email).
  7. Pay the capital fee and arrange for bus service, if desired.
  8. Agree to follow the guidelines in the Parent / Student Handbook.
  9. Receive a login to the school database (Sycamore school management system).
  10. Complete any supplemental forms (e.g., medical information form, liability release form, elective / Bible class form, etc.).

Non-Discrimination Policy

Oasis does not discriminate in its admissions on the basis of ethnicity, race, or religion. However, the school does maintain the right to refuse admission to students not meeting its academic requirements or to students displaying a lack of willingness to abide by its rules and regulations.  Students must possess a foreign (i.e., non-Turkish) passport to enroll at Oasis.

School Tour

To schedule a personal tour of our facilities, please email or call Stacey Leonard at +90 (312) 285-7524.