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Director’s Welcome

Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell


It is truly an honor to serve as the director of the Oasis International School of Ankara, Turkey. Since our school’s initial opening more than a decade ago, I have often stated my belief that Oasis International School would grow and develop over the years to become a leading educational institution in the city of Ankara, and in the greater country of Turkey. We are now seeing that become a reality.

I am deeply grateful to our tremendous staff of qualified and dedicated teachers who faithfully and lovingly mold the hearts and minds of the students in their classrooms on a daily basis. Their self-sacrifice of time and energy, as well as their willingness to serve in a place that is far from their homelands, has resulted in a close-knit learning community that resembles that of a family.

I am also grateful to each parent who has given us the privilege of being a part of their child’s growth and development. We realize that you, as the parents, are the primary educators of your children, bearing the authority and responsibility to teach, train, and discipline them in love. By enrolling your child at Oasis, you share that authority and responsibility with us, and that is not a job we take lightly. We on the Oasis staff desire to work in conjunction with the home in educating the minds and molding the hearts of the students, while at the same time striving to model before them a life of sterling character ourselves.

May we all be good stewards of these precious treasures with whom we have been entrusted.