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The Arts



Oasis International School provides a music program that awakens musical interest, deepens appreciation, and sharpens talent in each student. In addition to methodologically-established music classes, Oasis offers after-school choir, concert band, private music lessons, and musical drama productions. We believe that each student brings unique musical perceptions and characteristics of their own culture. In order to welcome and embrace the cultural diversity in our student body, the music department implements substantial amounts of ethnic music in its repertoire as well as instrument studies from various parts of the world. Students are guided to explore, enjoy, and exercise various genres and styles of music with constructive creativity, the pursuit of excellence, and an appreciative respect.


Visual Arts

Elementary students attend art one time per week and use a variety of materials and techniques to produce artwork during the school year. They learn about significant artists, art forms, and art history.

Seventh and eighth grade students attend art class one semester per year. Students study art history from Greek to modern times and participate in studio activities related to the art period being studied. Students also study the elements and principles of design in depth.

Ninth through twelfth graders can choose from a variety of semester long art courses including Art History, Studio Art, and Introduction to Drawing and Painting. Secondary art students can participate in a field trip to Cappadocia to explore the rich art and culture of Turkey and visit a local Ebru artist’s studio. Student artwork will be displayed in the annual Spring Art Show. Secondary students can also develop their design skills and express creativity through computer electives. Though electives may vary from year to year, previous classes have included yearbook, graphic design, and computer animation.



Students can audition and participate in a school play or musical each year. Oasis students enjoy learning about theater and performance and build friendships through the hours of rehearsal and performances.


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