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Bus Services

For the convenience of our families, Oasis has contracted with a private bus company to provide transportation services. Busing is a separate fee which is paid directly to the bus company.

The cost and availability of this service varies, depending on how far the student lives from the school campus. The 2022-2023 monthly contracted rate per student are as follows:

  • İncek: 2.000,00 TL
  • Ümitköy-Çayyolu: 2.200,00 TL
  • Bilkent: 2.150,00 TL
  • Park Oran: 2.170,00 TL
  • Sinpaş: 2.200,00 TL
  • Park Vadi: 2.250,00 TL
  • Ayrancı: 2.250,00 TL
  • G.O.P: 2.250,00 TL
  • Mesa Koza & Kırkkonaklar: 2.250,00 TL

*KDV 8% not included.

*Rates subject to change based on fuel cost and minimum wage.