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English as a Second Language

The language of instruction at Oasis is English. However, Oasis welcomes students whose first language is not English, and we have an English as a Second Language program designed to assist such students. Our ESL program immerses students into the English language by mainstreaming them into their grade level and periodically pulling them out of class for special training with our qualified ESL teachers. Students will be placed into various levels of our ESL program, depending on their level of English proficiency. Extra fees are charged for this supplemental program.

Beginning ESL

Beginning ESL is designed to help students with limited understanding of English gain language skills to communicate in social settings and interact in the classroom. Students also learn to use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways. Students learn to use English to share and request information and to express needs, feelings, and ideas. In the classroom, students will be able to follow oral and written directions, request and provide clarification, and ask and answer questions.

Intermediate ESL

Intermediate ESL builds upon the foundation laid in Beginning ESL, emphasizing more advanced grammar, vocabulary skills, and academic language. At this level, students write in varied formats, using details to support facts and opinions. Reading more complex texts, students connect personal experiences with content. Speaking and listening skills are challenged through activities and presentations.

Advanced ESL

Advanced ESL utilizes an integrated approach to continue the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students read books from different genres and write in paragraphs. Students are introduced to idioms, synonyms, homonyms and antonyms. They will review the parts of speech and learn passive voice, reported speech, and sequence of tenses.

ESL classroom

What can you do to help your children learn English even faster?

  • Practice speaking in English at home for a short time each night.
  • Read to them – even if the stories are simple.
  • Play word games together.
  • Label things around your home in English.
  • Be sure they have an English dictionary.
  • Allow them to watch appropriate movies in English.
  • Encourage them and help them know you are pleased with their hard work.