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2023-2024 Tuition & School Fees


Prorated on a quarterly basis – i.e. minimum unit of tuition is a quarterly amount.

  • US $13,500 ($14,580 w/ KDV) – annual tuition per PreK – Kindergarten student (age 4&5)
  • US $17,000 ($18,360 w/ KDV) – annual tuition per Elementary student (Grades 1-6)
  • US $19,500 ($21,060 w/ KDV) – annual tuition per Secondary student (Grades 7-12)

Capital Fee

Annual, non-refundable fee designed to assist in covering facility operation and maintenance.

  • US $2,000 ($2,160 w/ KDV*) – annual fee per student of new families (paid after acceptance)
  • US $1,000 ($1,080 w/ KDV*) – annual fee per student of returning families

Learning Support Fees

This fee is added only for students who are enrolled in Learning Support programs.

  • ESL Type 1 (Pullout): US $1,500 ($1,620 w/KDV)
  • ESL Type 2 (Immersion): US $3,000 ($3,240 w/KDV)
  • Learning Support Type 1 (Single Subject): US $1,000 ($1,080 w/KDV)
  • Learning Support Type 2 (Multiple Subjects): US $2,000 ($2,160 w/KDV)
  • Learning Support Type 3 (RX Therapy): US $2,000 ($2,160 w/KDV)
  • Learning Support Type 4 (NILD Therapy): US $4,000 ($4,320 w/KDV)

Due Dates*:

  • Capital Fee – July 31, 2023 (10% discount if paid by June 30, 2023)
  • Tuition – Q1: Aug 28, Q2: Nov 3, Q3: Feb 1, Q4: Apr 5

* For students enrolling in the middle of the school year, both the capital fee and initial quarterly payment must be paid before the first day of school.

Early Withdrawal Refund:

A refund will be made for the quarters a student has not attended.

Additional Information

    • An invoice, along with the payment instructions, will be sent via email once the student is accepted.
    • We are required to collect 8% KDV tax which we remit to the Tax Office. Families with KDV exemptions are required to provide a KDV exemption card/letter issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Preference for next year’s enrollment is given to 1) current families, 2) families who have been accepted and paid the Capital Fee, and 3) available space in a given grade level.
    • These fees represent the current school fees. School fees for the next year are finalized in May based on inflation rates and other expected costs.
    • For the convenience of our families, we contract with a bus company to provide this service. However, busing is a separate fee which is paid directly to the bus company. Please contact the bus company for the current fees, which you can also see by downloading the Oasis Fee Schedule: Mr. Eşref Özen: info@yenizirve.com or +90 533 930 5474.
    • For questions about finances, please email our Business Manager, Jim Woo.

2023-24 Fee Schedule

Click to download a PDF of the 2023-24
Oasis Fee Schedule.

Financial Assistance Application

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Financial Assistance Application.